Fear Effect Wiki
.90 Pistol
Weapon Stats
Ammo Type Pistol Ammo
# of Rounds 8
Power Low
Rate of Fire Average

The .90 Pistol is a basic starter weapon in the Fear Effect series.


The .90 Pistol is one of two weapons automatically in your inventory at the start of Fear Effect and Fear Effect 2. It initially comes with 32 rounds of ammo. It holds eight rounds, which is usually enough to kill a single enemy on normal game difficulty but not quite enough to kill a single enemy on hard mode.

Best Use[]

The .90 Pistol is not a powerful weapon, however it can be surprisingly effective. It should be used in situations where sneaking up on an enemy is possible and it can be eliminated with a single shot to the back. It should also be used at times where a single target is in the vicinity or when trying to conserve ammo.