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ARC Taser
Weapon Stats
Ammo Type None
# of Rounds Unlimited
Power Low
Rate of Fire Fast (Slow Recharge)

The ARC Taser is a weapon in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix.


The ARC Taser is a sophisticated device that shocks enemies into submission. It does not use ammunition, but requires significant time to recharge after use. It can hit multiple opponents simultaneously. Even when attacking a single enemy, the electricity shooting out of the ARC Taser will spread to other enemies in the vicinity and fry them. The weapon has low attack power and can often use up an entire battery charge to kill an enemy with its electric shock.

Best Use[]

This weapon is best used on occasions where a group of enemies can be taken out in a single charge and no other enemies are ready to run in to the area, as the battery takes a long time to recharge and a new weapon will need to be brought in quickly to avoid damage from attackers.