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Biographical Information
Sex Female
Birth Unknown
Age "Thousands"
Hometown Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Voice Rachael West
"You're just a myth. A forgotten tale. Our people deserve more than a hopeless legend! Sink into oblivion again, that's where you belong."
— Atiqtalik to Sedna

Atiqtalik is a character in Fear Effect Sedna.


Her background is mysterious, but it is suggested she might be a relative, daughter or descendant of Sedna, as Sedna calls her her own blood. She is opposed to Sedna and is trying to infere with Sedna becoming a powerful goddess.

She is a shapeshifter, an Ijiraq. She was born thousands of years ago and trapped in ice all this time. She’s cold, stubborn, but has a fondness for all things that modern humans create.

Fear Effect Sedna[]

Wanting to stop Sedna, she shapeshifts into a man in Hong Kong and breaks into Hana Tsu-Vachel and Rain Qin's apartment. She hires them to find a statue in Paris.

In her creature form, she kills Rain, but she later claims it was an accident and she was trying to kill Royce Glas, apparently not knowing whose side he was on and his history with the others.

Sedna, disguised as a man named Illuak, commands Atiqtalik to fight Hana and Axel Chevalier. They defeat her, though another fight ensues when Glas and Deke arrive. Atiqtalik eventually ends up in Glas' Hell with him and she explains what she knows. They eventually escape.


In the Good Ending, obtained by choosing Hana, Atiqtalik is fought as the final boss. She is defeated and Sedna claims she will take care of Atiqtalik.

In the Bad Ending, obtained by choosing Glas, Hana shoots Glas dead. Atiqtalik threatens Sedna. Hana and Atiqtalik pair up to kill Sedna. Atiqtalik then claims her reign will begin. The group gets transported back to the surface, and the party question Atiqtalik's plans and motives.

In the Very Bad Ending, Atiqtalik is killed by Sedna who breaks her neck.


  • Atiqtalik's motives are not explained very well in the game. She is apparently a pawn of Sedna and is working for "Illuak", thinking he can stop Sedna, though she seems unaware he is actually Sedna in disguise.