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Axel Chevalier
Axel infobox.Png
Biographical Information
Sex Male
Birth Unknown, France
Age Unknown (likely born 2020s-2030s)
Hometown Paris, France
Height 6'1" (185cm)
Weight 187 lbs (85kg)
Occupation DGSE agent
Voice Matthew Curtis
"Do we have a deal?"
— Axel to Hana

Axel Chevalier is a playable character in Fear Effect Sedna.


A member of the French secret service for the past four years, Axel is on duty at the DGSI. His official mission: to protect the ambassador of China in France. However, his real mission is to spy on the ambassador and find out if the French secret service's art trafficking suspicions about him are true.

Trying to 'protect' Hana Tsu-Vachel's target is going to be a tough job - and their meeting promises to be explosive. Hana previously met Axel in Asia.

Fear Effect Sedna[]

During Hana's mission in Paris to take out the French ambassador, Hana follows the ambassador but meets Axel again. A mysterious squad kills the ambassador, steals the statue, and forces the entire group to flee. The group decides to let Axel come along while they continue their mission to locate the group stealing ancient artifacts. Axel offers them money from the French government as well. The group goes to Greenland where Axel has lost contact with one of his informers in Nuuk (possibly Laura Rossignol).

They decide to check out a lead at a weather station called Amethyst where they find evidence such as human remains. Glas gets separated due to an accident. They infiltrate a sea carrier searching for Glas and more evidence; Hana and Axel go together while Deke and Rain pair up.

Hana and Axel descend an underwater elevator and find a strange ritual going on with people apparently doing some sort of bloodletting. Iluak, monitoring the ritual, orders Atiqtalik to deal with Hana and Axel. Atiqtalik transforms into a monster but they manage to overpower her. The group reunites, although Iluak uses the blood and a statue to create a portal into "Hells".


  • His surname Chevalier means "horseman" or "knight" in French.
  • In the Kickstarter pitch trailer, Axel is seen wearing an outfit that is unzipped down a bit, revealing the upper part of his chest, possibly to give him some sex appeal. This is rather jarring due to being right next to Hana wearing full winter gear. In the final game, he covers his skin and wears an outfit better suited for the weather. However, he still wears what appears be the original outfit during the brief monorail scene.