Fear Effect Wiki
Enemy Stats
Location Wing Chune Tower
Weapons Rifle/Rocker launcher
Attack Speed Slow-Fast
Attack Strength High
Durability High

The Bio-Boss is a boss in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. He is the head honcho of Wing Chune Tower's security.


Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix[]

Fires a rocket at Hana

The Bio-Boss is first encountered as he kicks down the door to the DNA sequencing computer room after Hana extracts the DNA Code Disc. He fires his rocket launcher at Hana, which she narrowly dodges, and blows up the computer while leaving a huge hole in the wall. The Bio-Boss gives chase to Hana and fires another rocket at her on the floor's walkway. He presumes Hana to be dead and waits for the other intruder at the walkway entrance leading to the floor's elevator, not knowing that Hana had survived by hanging from a piece of debris overlooking the city below. 

Bio-Boss greets Rain

After Rain's identity is discovered by the Bio-Enforcers, she manages to escape to the floor's elevator room, narrowly avoiding entrapment by the security system on the floor's walkway. The Bio-Boss corners her in front of the elevator and attacks her with a barrage of bullets and rockets from his combination rocket launcher-assault rifle weapon. He is killed by Rain with the use of her Plasma Wrists on the Bio-Enforcer suit. After he dies, she takes his weapon and blows open a hole into the elevator shaft, which allows her to escape Wing Chune Tower with Hana.


The Bio-Boss is large and slow, with a hulking body similar to that of the Planner in Wing Chune Tower's Aqueducts. His immense size and strength allows him to wield a heavy weapon unique to him - a hybrid of a rocket launcher and an assault rifle. He wears a suit similar to that of the Bio-Enforcers but also wears a gas mask and eye protectors. As the head of Wing Chune's security, he is fearsome in combat.


Rain only has the weak Plasma Wrists in her fight against the Bio-Boss, making him quite challenging. It is best to duck a few feet away from him and fire short bursts while crouched. When he fires his rocket, roll out of the way before it hits Rain. He may get some hits in with his faster assault rifle attacks, making it difficult to avoid taking any damage in this fight. However, continuously firing at him and avoiding the rockets he fires should bring him down before Rain's health is completely depleted.