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Bio-enforcer main.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Wing Chune Tower
Weapons Plasma Wrists
Attack Speed Fast
Attack Strength Weak
Durability Weak

Bio-Enforcers are enemies in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. They patrol the halls of Wing Chune Tower and will attack any suspicious personnel with extreme prejudice.


The Bio-Enforcers are an all female unit that patrol the upper floors of Wing Chune Tower. Their yellow bio-suits protect them from deadly biological experiments that are conducted inside the tower and provide them with high-tech gear for defending the corporation's interests. They are equipped with Plasma Wrists, weapons that have low attack power but pile on lethal damage quick due to the rapid speed at which they fire. They tend to attack in packs.


Bio-Enforcers should be sneaked past when at all possible or killed before they are alerted while playing as Hana. While playing as Rain, they should only have to be fought once since Rain is in a Bio-Enforcer disguise - keep your Plasma Wrist holstered or they will attack. When a fight is unavoidable, attack quickly and dodge between shots to avoid taking damage.