Black Suit Secret Service
Black suit 1
Enemy Stats
Location Wing Chune Party
Weapons Weapon Censors
Attack Speed N/A
Attack Strength N/A
Durability N/A

The Black Suit Secret Service are enemies in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. They patrol the Christmas Party at Wing Chune Tower in search of anyone smuggling firearms or attempting to enter restricted areas.


The Wing Chune party is the largest social event of the year and draws a high-profile crowd, requiring special security that can be provided by the Black Suit Secret Service. All agents are recognizable by their black tuxes and headsets. Some guard doorways while others walk the halls. They each carry weapon sensors that will beep and make other noises as a weapon gets closer to its proximity. If they get too close or if a weapon is drawn at the party, they will quickly surround and arrest the offender.


Stay as far away as possible from any Black Suit Secret Service agent. Also remember to keep all weapons holstered. If one gets too close an agent or draws a weapon, then it is an automatic mission failure.