Cat Eyes
Cateye game over
Enemy Stats
Location Wing Chune Tower
Weapons Body
Attack Speed Slow-Fast
Attack Strength Medium
Durability Low-Medium

Cat Eyes are enemies in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. They patrol highly restricted areas of Wing Chune Tower.


Cat Eyes are the latest development in security systems design. There are two types of Cat Eyes that are distinuished by their color, Yellow Cat Eyes and Red Cat Eyes. Yellow Cat Eyes are the basic model and are used throughout Wing Chune Tower. They fly at slow speeds and chase down enemies to explode on impact as a type of kamikaze weapon. Red Cat Eyes are a faster and more durable model that do not sacrifice themselves to attack intruders. Instead, they attack by rushing quickly toward their target and stabbing it with their razor sharp appendages.


It is best to use the ARC Taser or high-speed weapons such as Dual Uzis when fighting Cat-Eyes. The EMP can also be used to disable them temporarily, but since they are in rooms with humans at times it is not always the best strategy to use the EMP on them, since they will get back up after a short while. After downing a Cat Eye, make sure to stand out of its range as their exploding parts will harm you.