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Chen's Henchmen
Ch main.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Chen's Brothel
Weapons Pistols or Rifles
Attack Speed Medium
Attack Strength Varies
Durability Varies

Chen's Henchmen are Chinese Triad members that carry out the sinister will of Madam Chen. They are the common enemy of Madam Chen's Brothel in Fear Effect.


Chen's henchmen are tough as they look, making Lam's henchmen pushovers in comparison. They are often armed with a pistol and at times a rifle. They are more durable than Lam's henchmen, react more quickly to the presence of others, and fire at a faster rate. They primarily stand upright and fire with their weapons, hardly (if ever) dodging gunfire. They are most deadly when they outflank their enemies.


Try to sneak up on henchmen by crouching while walking toward his back. Tagging them once with a hand-to-hand weapon will kill a henchman in one swipe. If henchmen spot you, continuously use the roll maneuver to avoid gunfire until they need to reload. From there, take out your gun and fire away.



  • Chen's Henchmen make a cameo in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix during a flashback Hana has that shows how she came to live under Madam Chen's care.