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Chinese Military Soldiers
Cms 7.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Train station
Weapons Rifles
Attack Speed Medium
Attack Strength Strong
Durability Medium

The Chinese Military Soldiers are a common enemy located at the train station in Fear Effect.

A military train filled with soldiers made its weekly stop to a fishing village in order to secure rations of rice from its granary and partake in an under the table arms deal. Frightened by the Crazed Villagers, the soldiers took refuge by the parked train and shot anyone who came near, including normal humans.


The Chinese Military Soldiers are anxious due to fright, and as such are more easily alerted to noises than Lam's thugs. They are outfitted with rapid-firing weapons and are almost always in packs. They have a tendency to attack your flanks, but their weapons will kill much more quickly than those belonging to various henchmen.


When facing these soldiers, have your trigger fingers ready to roll and perform quick 180-degree turns. If you can't sneak up on one and get in a 1-hit kill, it is best to keep rolling as the soldiers fire at you and ready a multi-target weapon, then start firing as a soldier reloads.