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Crazed Villagers
Cv main.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Fishing Village
Weapons Machetes
Attack Speed Slow
Attack Strength Weak
Durability Weak

The Crazed Villagers are people from the fictional fishing village that underwent a strange transformation upon the arrival of Wee Ming Lam in Fear Effect.

When a young village boy went fishing and cut his leg falling on the shore's rocks, the runaway Wee Ming Lam found him and brought the boy back to the village. The boy's blood came into contact with Wee Ming, which caused all who looked at her to see the evil within their souls and turn into monsters because of her special power. The Crazed Villagers started slaughtering all in their path and burning everything to the ground. Although they attacked the Chinese Military Soldiers, the soldiers were able to kill some of them with their weapons. 


Crazed Villagers are a sickly green hue and all wear nothing but torn pants that end at the knees. They are all male, despite the entire village turning into monsters in the story, and all wield large machetes. They lumber slowly forward while wailing in Cantonese and attack by slashing their victim twice at a time. They also have a habit of playing dead, only to surprise an unsuspecting passerby. Fortunately they are not very durable and individually hit for low damage.


Crazed Villagers can only attack at close range, so it is a good idea to kill them from a distance. There tends to be a lot of them in enclosed spaces, and if cornered it is best to constantly roll so as to dodge their slashes until an area is open to increase distance.