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Demon Monks
Demon monks 10.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Hell
Weapons Claws and teeth
Attack Speed Medium-fast
Attack Strength Medium
Durability Strong

The Demon Monks roam the depths of Hell and are a common enemy in Fear Effect.


Demon Monks are Hell's primary thugs. They levitate in the air and have the ability to warp to different locations just like the Demon Whores or the Mysterious Men. They do not have ranged attacks but they can quickly close the gap between it and its target by quickly dashing forward while striking. They often attack in large numbers and can quickly become overwhelming, especially due to each Demon Monk's strong durability.


Demon Monks should be killed quickly as possible. While in a group of other enemies they should be the primary focus. Watch closely to see if a Demon Monk is ready to pounce. Damage can be avoided by quickly rolling when that happens. At times it is a better idea to run away from Monks when possible so as to conserve needed ammo.