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Demon Paintings
Demon paintings main.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Tomb of the Emperor
Weapons Rockets
Attack Speed Medium
Attack Strength High
Durability High

The Demon Paintings are a group of Qin Dynasty paintings that serve as a boss in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. The paintings attack Hana within the Tomb of the Emperor located near the city of Xi'an.



Being located within the Tomb of the Emperor, it can be concluded that the Demon Paintings were made during the construction of the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi in the Qin Dynasty.

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix[]

Hana passes through the Terra Cotta Room within the Tomb of the Emperor and enters a door that leads to a room with a spinning wall on the other side. The spinning wall holds three images, all of which fire rockets at Hana. Hana destroys the Demon Paintings by firing back at the painting of the Bull Skull, which is the only one vulnerable. The descrution of the Demon Paintings creates a hole that leads to another room where a ghost gives Hana a cryptic message.


The Demon Paintings are a group of three paintings that demons have taken over. The paintings are of a Shotgun Guard, a Bull Skull warrior, and a Skeleton warrior. They all fire at Hana with Rockets, each one firing in a different direction.


As you enter the room, the wall at the other end will start spinning. Quickly take out an automatic weapon like the Dual Uzis or Assault Rifle. The Bull Skull painting will appear first, and is the only painting that can be harmed. As soon as it appears, unload on it with your weapon and use your evasive skills to dodge its attack by moving to the far left or far right. The Bull Skull fires groups of rockets toward the center of the screen, the Skeleton fires to the right, and the Shotgun Guard fires to the left, so dodge in the direction opposite of where they fire by using a duck and roll maneuver or just by running if you have time. Ammo clips will appear directly in front of the wall from time to time. It is best to grab them while the wall is spinning. One the boss is defeated, a hole appears in the wall that leads to the next story segment.