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Demon Whores
Demon whores 2.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Madam Chen's Brothel
Weapons Claws
Attack Speed Medium
Attack Strength Medium
Durability Medium

Demon Whores are prostitutes from Madam Chen's Brothel that were turned into monsters in Fear Effect.

When Wee Ming Lam's blood lands on a group of prostitutes that work in Madam Chen's Brothel, they turn into monsters like the villagers of Shan Xi, though more deadly.


The Demon Whores are more agile than Mr. Lam's thugs or Madam Chen's henchmen, though not quite as much as the Mysterious Men. They are often nowhere to be found at first but will teleport into the area, often in packs. They can be tough to target but only attack at close range, allowing plenty of time to kill them before they come near. They are mostly dangerous in a swarm.


Pay attention to their teleportation patterns. Do not let them get close. Move around as needed so as to avoid direct contact and try to shoot them from a distance. At times they will warp right in the middle of being fired at, with the bullet doing no damage. It's a good idea to fire in burst shots because of this, as it will conserve ammo.