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Fear Effect Sedna
Fear Effect Sedna.png
Developer Sushee
Publisher Forever Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release date March 6, 2018

Fear Effect Sedna is the third installment in the Fear Effect series. It is a sequel to Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, though also a chronological sequel to Fear Effect. It is developed by French studio Sushee and published by Forever Entertainment under license from Square Enix Collective. Sedna was released on March 6, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It was only released digitally for all platforms.

The developers of Sedna, Sushee, originally worked on Fear Effect Reinvented but in 2020, development of the remake was given to MegaPixel Studio.


Some years after the events of the first game, Hana Tsu-Vachel, freed from the Triad, lives with Rain Qin in Hong Kong and works as an occasional mercenary, while Deke has grown apart from them since Glas returned to the US. In Denver, Glas is approached by a client who catches his attention and piques his interest, enough that Glas sets out for Greenland.

Axel reuniting with Hana.

Hana and Rain begin an operation in Hong Kong. When they return home, they find a strange man who has broken into their apartment. Claiming to be part of the Triad, he tasks her with completing a mission in Paris: steal a statue from the Chinese ambassador in France and kill him. Hana decides to go for it; she sees it as an opportunity to learn more about her birthplace. The two contact Deke who agrees to join in. During the mission, Hana follows the ambassador but meets an old acquaintance from her time of working for the French government in Asia: Axel Chevalier. A mysterious squad kills the ambassador, steals the statue, and forces the entire group to flee.

Rain is killed during the mission.

The group decides to let Axel come along while they continue their mission to locate the group stealing ancient artifacts. Axel offers them money from the French government as well. The group goes to Greenland where they stay in a hotel and reunite with Glas who claims to be working for someone named Iluak. They decide to check out a lead at a weather station called Amethyst where they find evidence such as human remains. Glas gets separated due to an accident. They infiltrate a sea carrier searching for Glas and more evidence; Hana and Axel go together while Deke and Rain pair up. Deke and Rain find Glas, but Rain gets killed by a monster.

Hana and Axel descend an underwater elevator and find a strange ritual going on with people apparently doing some sort of bloodletting. Iluak, monitoring the ritual, orders Atiqtalik to deal with Hana and Axel. Atiqtalik transforms into a monster but they manage to overpower her. The group reunites, although Iluak uses the blood and a statue to create a portal into "Hells". Glas and Atiqtalik end up together where a voice (Sedna) claims Atiqtalik deserves to die and that she serves no more purpose. Atiqtalik claims they are in Glas' Hell, explaining his lost arm, and that Iluak is Sedna.

The group confronting Sedna.

Hana winds up in a Hell resembling Hong Kong with an evil zombie-like Rain following Hana. Hana musters the courage to leave "Rain" and follows Glas outside her Hell. Sedna tells the group Atiqtalik was shapeshifting as Hana's client, with the ulterior motive of stopping Sedna's ritual. Sedna reveals she wishes to take Glas' arm for herself so she can become a complete goddess. "Rain" suddenly appears and Sedna says she can truly bring back Rain to normal for Hana, although Glas and Deke try to convince Hana that it's not really Rain, instigating a stand-off between Hana and Glas.


The final choice between Hana and Glas.

Sedna has three endings:

  • Good Ending - Choose Hana (you will have to fight Atiqtalik).
  • Bad Ending - Choose Glas (you will have to fight Sedna).
  • Very Bad Ending - Don't do anything.



Sedna is played from an isometric perspective.


Due to the series being in dormancy for a long time, Sedna was an indie game that needed to be Kickstarted. The developers asked for asked for €100,000. With 2,542 backers, the developers reached their goal.


Sedna received mixed reviews. The gameplay was found by some players to be repetitive. Additionally, many fans simply wanted a survival horror-like experience, rather than an isometric shoot-em-up.

The story was also criticized for being convoluted, as the game could be seeing as not really exploring certain relationships integral to the story, such as Glas' friendship with Iluak. Trying to piece together why and how everything connects has proven to be a challenge for many, especially regarding character motivations.


  • Writer of the first game, John Zuur Platten, contributed to Sedna.
  • According to to the Kickstarter, Sedna is set four years after the events of the original. In Fear Effect 2, Hana says her birthdate is 2028 and her age is said to be 24 in the first game, meaning the first game occurs in 2052 or 2053. The Kickstater claims Hana turned 30 in Sedna, meaning Sedna should take place around 2058. This creates a contradiction which suggests 5-6 years have passed the first game, not only 4. In-game memos in Sedna mention that the game is set in 2064, which makes far less sense as Sedna should not be set in the 2060s at all according to the logic above. It can be assumed the developers made timeline goofs, although this may not be considered to be entirely their fault since the first two games have lots of contradictions with the logic, dates and ages given throughout various media.
    • It can be assumed that Sedna is set after the cancelled Fear Effect Inferno. It is mentioned Hana has already escaped the Triad, something she was trying to do in Inferno.

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