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Enemy Stats
Location Aqueducts
Weapons Built-in machine gun
Attack Speed Fast
Attack Strength Medium
Durability Medium

Fixers are enemies found in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. They roam the Aqueducts under Wing Chune Tower.



Fixers were purchased by the people who run Wing Chune Tower to maintain the good condition of the Aqueducts underground.

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix[]

Hana finds Fixers

The Fixers are first encountered in the Aqueducts by Hana as they are busy doing maintenance. Two Fixers detect Hana's presence with their sensors and begin firing at her with their built-in machine guns. Fortunately, Hana is able to dodge them. After Hana destroys the attacking Fixers, she sees another one while looking through a floor grate that is disabled when a swarm of rabid rats envelops it.

Eventually Hana encounters an injured Student who tells her that the Fixers started attacking everyone at the time someone went crazy and began killing people. The Fixers had been reprogrammed to attack everyone aside from the Planner or other Fixers, meaning they had started killing the Students who worked alongside them as well.


Fixers are small robots that are created for the purpose of keeping the Aqueducts in good condition by doing needed maintenance and repairing broken equipment. They come equipped with built-in machine guns that fire bullets at any unauthorized intruders and normally consider employees in the Aqueducts as an authorized presence. However, they started killing employees in the Aqueducts after they were reprogrammed by the Planner.


Fixers can be caught off guard just like any other enemy, so crouching while they look in another direction can allow you to pass by without being fired at. Single Fixers can be easily dispatched by immobilizing them with an EMP and then destroying them with a weapon or Melee during that period. When they attack in groups, it is best to fire back with your best high-speed firearm, such as the Assault Rifle or Dual Uzis. Don't worry about ammo, as they almost always drop ammo when they are destroyed.