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GL 150
Weapon Stats
Ammo Type Grenade Shells
# of Rounds 3
Power High
Rate of Fire Slow

The GL 150 is a heavy weapon in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix.


The GL 150 is a powerful weapon which fires grenades that cause large amounts of damages. The grenades may bounce of floors and walls, but will will explode as soon as they make contact with an enemy. If the grenade bounces without hitting an enemy, it will eventually explode on its own. It will damage all enemies in the grenade's blast radius.

Best Use[]

The GL 150 is advantageous to equip in most situations due to its awesome firepower. There is not much opportunity to use the weapon and ammo is very limited, so there is no reason not to equip it when given the opportunity. It can work well against large groups of enemies. It is possible to bounce shots of walls while running, tagging opponents behind without even turning around.