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Hana Tsu-Vachel
Hana Sedna pic.png
Biographical Information
Sex Female
Birth June 18, 2028[1]
Age 22 (Fear Effect 2)[2]
24 (Fear Effect)[3]
30 (Fear Effect Sedna)[4]
Hometown Hong Kong Province, ROC
Height At least 5'7" (see Trivia)
Weight 118lbs (FE1)
Either 119 lbs. (54kg)[5]
or 132 lbs. (60 kg)[6] (FE2)
Occupation Triad Assassin
Voice Elyse Dinh (Fear Effect)
Wendee Lee (Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix)
Natalie Roers (Fear Effect Sedna)
"Shut the fuck up! This has nothing to do with you!"
— Hana to Atiqtalik

Hana Tsu-Vachel, former name Mei Yun (美雲), is the main protagonist of the Fear Effect series. She is a playable character in Fear Effect, its upcoming remake, Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix and Fear Effect Sedna. She was also intended to be playable in the cancelled Fear Effect Inferno.

During Fear Effect, Hana routinely accepts dangerous missions in the hopes that she can one day buy off her Triad contract and be free from their control.


"Maybe when this is over, we'll create a better world than the one we had."
— Hana in one ending of Fear Effect

Hana is portrayed as a tough, morally dubious and somewhat reckless woman. Having grown up without loving parental figures after the age of five, she has become a rather crass and violent woman. At worst, Hana can appear cold-hearted and callous. Brash and edgy with a penchant for sarcasm, Hana is as skillful with her tongue as she is with using firearms and piloting vehicles, able to finagle or flirt her way out of many difficult situations but equally capable of solving problems with weapons if need be. Having grown up in a brothel, she is aware she can use her sexuality to her advantage, particularly when it can help her evade dangerous situations, such as when she unrobes in front of a guard.

Hana killing a rotoship pilot.

Hana engages in the criminal underworld, attracted to the money gained, and decides to capture Wee Ming Lam and hold her for ransom due to her being worth millions. However, this isn't due to pure greed as she is trying to use the money to be free of the Triad. She is a murderer and a criminal, and could even be considered a serial killer of sorts.

However, Hana does have a benevolent side, making her an anti-hero of sorts. For example, she is sympathetic to the plight of the women in Madam Chen's brothel, as well as to Wee Ming. She risks her safety in order to try to save Wee Ming, knowing what sort of place the brothel is. She also decides to make the EINDS cure public at the end of Fear Effect 2 and does not even put a price tag on it, even if it means she will need to put her freedom on hold. However, this also raises the possibility that Hana does genuinely enjoy going on missions and adventures, as it gives her something to do, and she may be interpreted as a thrill seeker. She also tries to deter Rain from coming along whenever possible, showing her sense of care for her.

Hana is rather intelligent, as canonically, she must solve the various riddle and puzzles throughout the series. However, she is still prone to being rash at times or not fully think situations through; for example, she insists on entering Chen's brothel which Glas points out doesn't make sense because she could be recognized due to her history at the location, prompting her to reply "Yes..." when she realizes he has a valid point. Situations like these may be partially attributed to her age, as she is still only 24 in the first game.

Hana is bisexual.[7] It is hinted that she may be somewhat closeted, as a character in Fear Effect 2 claims Hana "hides her feelings" for Rain Qin within a cold heart. It is suggested she has attractions to both Royce Glas and Rain. In the cancelled Inferno, she takes a moment to embrace Glas. However, by Sedna, she eventually chooses Rain and the two share a kiss.

Hana sees Rain in a hallucination.

In the cancelled Inferno, much footage suggests Hana's personality would eventually come to a comeuppance. Hana is portrayed here as quite vulnerable, contrasting her roles in the other games, and she seems to be losing her sanity and grip on reality, experiencing horrible hallucinations. It is unclear if she is supernaturally cursed, or if her constant situations are effecting her mental health, or a mix of both. The cancelled game seems to revolve around Hana struggling to find inner peace and purity with herself, and facing the consequences of her violent lifestyle and her actions. Her risky lack of self-preservation apparently gets her killed.


"Raised and trained in the Province Military Theater, Hana is an expert Covert Operative who specializes in infiltration. She is fluent in the many varied dialects of the Chinese Republic. A world-class marksman and driver, Hana is part French and part Chinese. Her orphan upbringing conditioned Hana to be distant to those that she does not know, and to be careful of whom she will trust. Hana and Glas have worked together before, when Hana was doing freelance work for the French Government. A beautiful woman, Hana lives life with passion and takes life without reservation."
Fear Effect website description

Hana was born in either Hong Kong or Paris in 2028 as Mei Yun. Her mother is Chinese while her father is French. Hana is said to have been born with the very special gift to see into other peoples' "hells" and if so desire, influence the outcome. It is unclear why Hana has this "gift", though it may be related to the King of Hell (Jin) being a prominent figure in her life, and he may given her it. This is supported by a scene of Jin and an elderly Hana in Fear Effect 2 in which he claims her unique abilities bind them.

Mei Yun with her parents shortly before their deaths.

Around the age of five in the early 2030s, she was orphaned as a child due to the deaths of her parents which were an assassination orchestrated by Madam Chen. All she had left was a doll. Her orphan upbringing conditioned her to be distant to those that she does not know and to be careful whom she trusts.

Mei Yun was cared for by Madam Chen who acted like an abusive mother figure to her; she was used by Chen as a sex worker in her restaurant brothel, and she comments the brothel is a place of pain and despair. At some point, it seems Mei Yun and Chen had an argument and Chen abandoned Hana to get by on the streets.

Jin helped Hana get off the streets after so Hana generally respects him. It was then that she began using the name Hana. She was taken in by the Chinese Triad and forced into a lifelong contract with the organization. Rumor has it that she was raised and trained by the Triad in its "Black Inns" of Shan Xi. She is fluent in six different languages, including Chinese. While a world-class marksman and ace pilot, Hana's true specialty lies in the dealings of love and death.

Desired by many yet belonging only to one, Hana lives life with passion and without reservation. Occasionally taking on assignments from the mysterious Jin for the extra cash, Hana's primary goal in life is to buy back her "contract" from the Triad so that she may leave her past behind and control her own destiny.

At some point in time, she served the French government and met Axel Chevalier.

Hana meets Rain.

During a routine visit to her parents' memorial at Jing Sum Temple, Hana stumbled across a young woman lying unconscious in the back garden beneath a mural of the Eight Immortals. For some reason, Hana felt compelled to help. She brought the mysterious woman home and nursed her back to health. A week later, the woman regained consciousness but could remember nothing of her past, only her name Rain. Hana offered Rain shelter until she could be on her own again. Within a short time, Hana noticed the exceptional intelligence that Rain possessed. It became clear to Hana that Rain was a genius in various technical and academic disciplines. In time, the two became partners.

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix[]

Hana and Rain begin their mission.

Hana is instructed in her new mission by Jin for a reward of 25 million: Infiltrate the Wing Chune campus tower and steal DNA. Hana needs to steal Dr. Liu's hair and fingerprints while Rain needs to do background work for the security system. They begin their mission in the aqueducts to bypass the security. They fight off security robots called Fixers. While Hana and Rain explore separately, Hana finds a scared man who claims another man is going crazy and is trying to kill everyone. Unfortunately, Rain encounters the psychotic man, known as the Planner, and is abducted and hooked up to a strange sexual-looking torture device. Hana defeats the Planner and saves Rain.

Hana speaking to Shao Chiu at the Wing Chune party.

At the party, Hana manages to successfully take the hair, while Rain is able to get past the security system. The women meet up in an elevator and perform a lesbian act together in order to distract the guards watching them via the cameras. Rain disguises herself in a yellow outfit among Bio-Enforcers. Hana manages to swipe the DNA, but she is discovered. Rain creates a diversion by causing a biohazard alert at the party. Rain also manages to take a deadly virus in a canister with her.

After the mission, Jin orders Hana to go another mission in Xi'an, although she has to go alone as part of the deal. She is to meet up with two other couriers. Hana arrives in the city with a motorbike and crosses paths with Deke and Glas, the other couriers. Unable to find their buyers, Hana and Glas wish to bail on the mission which seems like a setup, although Deke wishes to remain. He shows the others his Marker while Hana shows her DNA sequence and Glas shows a blood sample. Before they can discuss their findings, Deke threatens to kill Hana and Glas. The three are ambushed by zombies and Deke flees after stealing Hana's DNA sequence. While Hana chases Deke, he almost kills her but she is saved by Rain who mentions she came because she was worried about Hana. Another zombie attack occurs and Hana separates from Rain.

Deke abducts Rain in Xi'an.

Rain passes by an unconscious Deke, although he springs up and takes her hostage. Hana arrives and Rain tells Hana they are after the "Dark Cipher" before her mouth is closed by Deke. Deke tells Hana he will free Rain once she obtains the blood sample from Glas and that he will be waiting in the lower tomb. When Hana finds Glas, she explains the situation but Glas claims it's her problem and tries to leave. After they threaten each other, they decide to work together after Hana says please. Hana makes a plan to exchange Glas' sample, but Glas will ambush Deke as he leaves.

Hana in a spiritual world version of the past.

While Hana makes her way to the underground, she meets a ghostly figure who calls her a fool and tells her she must do various trials. After solving riddles and even being transported to a spiritual version of the past. Hana and Glas meet Qin Zheng/Qin Shihuangdi, the First Emperor of China who sought immortality and has achieved it. Hana tries to get information out of Qin, but he only tells her that Rain has returned home to Penglai Shan and he will only allow her to reach Rain if she passes challenges. Hana says "we accept" and Glas reluctantly gets dragged into the challenges. After, Qin transports Deke to them. Hana forces information out of Deke who reveals he has been doing missions for a Chinese man in exchange for money and medicine to keep him alive, as he has EINDS. Deke's organization refuses to share a cure for EINDS because they don't care about good will. The organization told Deke the Genetic Marker he found could cure his EINDS.

Hana meets her elderly self in Penglai Shan.

Now that the three are on even terms, Qin opens the portal to the island of Penglai Shan. There, they become entrapped and separated by fog. Hana makes it to a palace where she meets an older version of herself, although does not know it. Older Hana tells younger Hana to be careful about an upcoming choice she will make because it could affect countless lifetimes. After young Hana leaves, the King of Hell appears beside older Hana. Hana and Glas ascend a tower and meet the Eight Immortals. After completing their challenges, Hana, Glas and Deke find themselves in a white void with two women resembling Rain.

Hana tells Glas and Deke her new mission.

In the canonical Good ending, Hana shoots the real Mist. Hana tries to to finish her off, but Rain implores Hana not to, saying Mist is still her sister. Mist reveals Rachel is in the same room as them and proceeds to inject herself with the Dark Cipher. Mist becomes one with Rachel and transforms into a hideous baby-like monster. Rain fights the monster alone and injects Mist/Rachel with the DNA virus. Rain tears up a bit, knowing she killed her sister and mother, and leaves with the group. A news report mentions EINDS has been cured. Elsewhere, Rain says Hana could've used the cure to free herself from the Triad but Hana says she found another gig. Rain gives Hana a knife while Hana gives Rain a pearl belonging to Qin.

Fear Effect[]

Hana in Fear Effect.

Wee Ming Lam is the daughter of a powerful Hong Kong Triad boss, and when she disappears, a trio of mercenaries search for her in the city. They have not been hired to find her, but they intend to kidnap the girl before her father's men locate her and hold her for ransom. Wee Ming has vanished into the Shan Xi protectorate; Hana used to work in a brothel somewhere in that region.

Hana arrives in Hong Kong accompanied by her partners, Glas and Deke. What begins as a simple snatch-and-grab becomes a fiasco. The father of the runaway, Mr. Lam, attributes his fortune and power to a pact that he made with demons a long time ago. Wee Ming, who is a paper doll given life, has been scheduled to serve as a sacrifice to Yim Lau Wong, the mythical "King of Hell".

Hana saving Jin from the bomb.

Hana's contact inside Mr. Lam's organization, Jin, is discovered, tortured, and left to die with a bomb strapped to his chest. Hana frees him, but he is killed shortly after. Meanwhile, Glas is attacked by a VTOL jet and forced to flee into Mr. Lam's building. After avenging Jin, Hana is captured and beaten by Mr. Lam and his thugs. Glas is able to rescue Hana, and the duo make their escape where they meet Deke in front of the hotel they are staying at. While listening to Jin's last message for Hana, the mercs are forced off a bridge, but are able to swim to a junk.

Hana during the village level.

While sailing down a river, Deke spots Wee Ming at a burning village. Deke and Glas give chase while Hana gets dressed, but all three are separated by the undead villagers. They stumble upon a military train, where the hostile soldiers shoot anyone on sight for fear of the villagers. Hana and Deke wreck the train trying to steal it, but Glas is able to find a jeep with Wee Ming sitting inside. She asks to be taken to a Madam Chen's restaurant, which doubles as a brothel, hoping to find answers about her existence. When Glas is caught sneaking in the brothel, Mr. Lam surprises him, cutting off his left arm. At the same time, Deke is murdered while trying to infiltrate the brothel from upstairs.

Hana sneaks in by dressing up like one of the prostitutes, where she runs into Wee Ming again after she had been dragged off by Madam Chen, who is working for Mr. Lam. Wee Ming's powers activate after being splashed with Deke's blood, transforming the working girls and Madam Chen's thugs into demons. The one-armed Glas reawakens in a meat locker, surprised to find that he is still alive. He surmises that Mr. Lam must be planning a slow death for him, before Wee Ming arrives and tries her best to aid him.

Demon Chen confronting Hana.

When Hana storms in to confront her former boss, Madam Chen, she learns that Chen is actually a demon in disguise. In the ensuing fight, Chen and her minions are killed, but Mr. Lam disappears with his daughter into a portal to Hell. Determined to save Wee Ming from whatever fate Mr. Lam has in store for her, Hana follows them into the portal, with Glas reawakening and freeing himself to give chase.

In a surreal journey through Hell, Hana meets the Black and White Guards of Impermanence, who give her cryptic messages about her fate. Glas encounters the reanimated corpse of Deke, who is being tortured for the many murders he has committed. Deke takes on a grotesque demonic form and attacks Glas. After he is victorious, Glas promises to avenge Deke. Meanwhile, Hana confronts Yim Lau Wong, who explains that Hell has become overburdened with the souls of the guilty. Once Wee Ming is returned to the netherworld, Yim Lau Wong will be able to expand the reaches of Hell and consume Earth. Hana was chosen to look after Wee Ming because Yim Lau Wong desired someone "ruthless" to be her guardian.

"I believe Wee Ming, Glas, and I won't let you stop her!"

Glas reappears and tries to kill Wee Ming, believing her to be the root of the chaos. During the tense standoff between Hana and Glas, the player is given a choice over which of them should die. This decision will determine the final boss as well as the subsequent ending. On the "Hard" difficulty setting, a third option will become available: spare the lives of both Glas and Hana. In this ending, the pair emerge from the smoldering wreckage of the brothel, where they find a befuddled Deke sitting on a toilet. Deke has no memory of being killed, believing he has taken a bump to the head, and asks how they made out on the "deal".

As Glas hoists himself out of the pit, he is stunned to realize that his left arm has been completely restored. The three partners then walk off into the sunrise to continue their exploits.

Fear Effect Inferno[]

Note: Due to being a cancelled game, Inferno may not be viewed as canon. While only some story elements were revealed before its cancellation, much of the game's story can be pieced together.

"We've all got to be careful."

A few years proceeding the events of the first game, Hana finally earns enough cash to purchase her contract back from the Triads. However, the Triad boss, Minkz, refuses her offer, threatening to murder Rain if she follows through on any notions of insurrection. Unable to remain attached to the dastardly gang, and too in love with Rain to betray her, Hana feels that her only means of escape is to take out Minkz. With her earnings, Hana employs her colleagues, Rain, Glas and Deke. Together, they work within the Triad complex to help Hana in her stealthy effort to eliminate the crime boss with one final shot. At the beginning, Hana and Glas jump off a helicopter to begin their mission.

Hana apparently dies.

While infiltrating Minkz' mansion, Hana battles some sort of large cyborg man and gets thrown out a window. She and Rain apparently get captured and Minkz shoots Hana, bound to a chair, in the back, apparently killing her. Hana and Rain are apparently saved by Glas and Deke, who are able to save Rain while Glas carries Hana's dead or gravely injured body.

At some point, it is suggested Hana may be dead or in the afterlife of sorts. She is seen waking up in some sort of mental asylum run by demons as a patient, as well as a hospital. She seems to have some sort of curse, appearing as strange white symbols on her forearm. She is also seen being restrained and injected against her will. Hana experiences a vision where she sees an open elevator descend past fleshy people in an organic mass, one of them being Rain.

Later, Hana apparently sees Wee Ming and follows her. During some sort of boat ride with Wee Ming, Wee Ming passes Hana a bowl containing water. However, as Hana looks in the bowl, it transforms into boiling black liquid. Shocked, Hana drops it and their ride is set on fire. The ride appears to be taking Hana back to Hell.

Fear Effect Sedna[]

Hana is now free from the Triad, but continues to take assignments for them as a mercenary. She lives and works in Hong Kong, with Rain. She turned 30 this year, but sometimes feels older.

Axel and Hana.

Hana and Rain begin an operation in Hong Kong. When they return home, they find a strange man who has broken into their apartment. Claiming to be part of the Triad, he tasks her with completing a mission in Paris: steal a statue from the Chinese ambassador in France and kill him. Hana decides to go for it; she sees it as an opportunity to learn more about her birthplace. The two contact Deke who agrees to join in. During the mission, Hana follows the ambassador but meets an old acquaintance from her time of working for the French government in Asia: Axel. A mysterious squad kills the ambassador, steals the statue, and forces the entire group to flee.

The group decides to let Axel come along while they continue their mission to locate the group stealing ancient artifacts. Axel offers them money from the French government as well. The group goes to Greenland where they stay in a hotel and reunite with Glas who claims to be working for someone named Iluak. They decide to check out a lead at a weather station called Amethyst where they find evidence such as human remains. Glas gets separated due to an accident. They infiltrate a sea carrier searching for Glas and more evidence; Hana and Axel go together while Deke and Rain pair up. Deke and Rain find Glas, but Rain gets killed by a monster.

Hana and Axel descend an underwater elevator and find a strange ritual going on with people apparently doing some sort of bloodletting. Iluak, monitoring the ritual, orders Atiqtalik to deal with Hana and Axel. Atiqtalik] transforms into a monster but they manage to overpower her. The group reunites, although Iluak uses the blood and a statue to create a portal into "Hells". Glas and Atiqtalik end up together where a voice (Sedna) claims Atiqtalik deserves to die and that she serves no more purpose. Atiqtalik claims they are in Glas' Hell, explaining his lost arm, and that Iluak is Sedna.

Another stand-off between Hana and Glas.

Hana winds up in a Hell resembling Hong Kong with an evil zombie-like Rain following Hana. Hana musters the courage to leave "Rain" and follows Glas outside her Hell. Sedna tells the group Atiqtalik was shapeshifting as Hana's client, with the ulterior motive of stopping Sedna's ritual. Sedna reveals she wishes to take Glas' arm for herself so she can become a complete goddess. "Rain" suddenly appears and Sedna says she can truly bring back Rain to normal for Hana, although Glas and Deke try to convince Hana that it's not really Rain, instigating a stand-off between Hana and Glas.


Hana is a name in various languages. For example, it means "the grace of God" in Hebrew, "flower" (Japanese) or "number one" (Korean). It isn't entirely sure if her name is meant to derive from one of these languages, although Hana apparently choose a name for herself which lacks a Chinese origin.

Tsu-Vachel is a combination of Chinese and French surnames, showing her mixed ethnicity.

Tsu is another way to write the popular Chinese surname "Zu". It is associated with the color red as the name can mean "vermilion". This may be a symbolic reference to the blood spilled by her enemies and how she is working for the Chinese Triad. The name can also mean "ancestor", re-enforcing this take and how Hana is bound to her past.

Vachel is a boy's name of French origin meaning "one who raises cows". This could be seen as a reference to Hana's nature which betrays a lot of "stereotypical" femininity, from her short hair, outspoken attitude, interest in guns, etc. The cow-raising part could be seen as an ironic reference to her as a role as "slaughterer", but also mean someone who looks after something. It could be interpreted as the duality of her murderous ways, yet also protect, as a struggling force within herself.

Her original Chinese name Mei Yun (美雲) means "beautiful cloud", a possible reference to Hana's "dark" and "cloudy" past. It could also be seen as a reference to Hana trying to stay optimistic in spite of her upbringing.


Fear Effect

  • "Uh, NO." (if the player does a nonsensical command)
  • "Nuh-uh." (if the player does a nonsensical command)
  • "I don't think so." (if the player does a nonsensical command)
  • "Oh... shit." (discovering the train bridge has collapsed)
  • "I always thought you were a bitch from Hell." (to Madam Chen)
  • "My name is HANA!" (killing Madam Chen)
  • "I'm going after her, Glas. Shoot me if you must."
  • "Goodbye, my friend." (killing Glas in one ending)
  • "Not yet, Jin... There. NOW I've ruined everything." (after setting the brothel on fire)

Fear Effect 2

  • "Oooh, I like it when you're bossy!" (to Rain)
  • "Great! Like I need the exercise!" (sarcasm)
  • "Look, I don't think I can hack the computers with my breasts. So it's all up to you and your brains." (to Rain)
  • "Don't be silly! I'd only be able to hide one gun if I were naked."
  • "God! Do you ever stop? And here's a clue for you, buddy... my eyes are up here!"
  • "Take that, you piece of shit!" (to a control panel)
  • "The name is Hana, not love or doll!" (to Deke)
  • "Look, DICK!" (to Deke)
  • "I never walk into a place without making sure I can walk out again, DEEEEEK!"
  • "I told you my name is HANA!"
  • "You have EINDS? Aren't you a little... fat?" (to Deke)
  • "Have a little faith, Glas. It's not gonna kill you!"
  • "Whoever is behind all of this has our stuff! If you tag along, stay the hell outta my way!" (to Deke)
  • "Christ! Does this ever end?"
  • "No, I've never had a garden."
  • "It's a simple job, Glas. Walk in, get the disk, pick up the girl. Daddy gives us some nice pocket change. What could go wrong?"
  • "I'm going to rip you apart, you bitch!" (to Mist)

Fear Effect Inferno

  • "We've all got to be careful."
  • "Don't be so tense, Glas. It's bad for the heart."
  • "Where am I? I need to let my friends know where I am."
  • "I don't mind the blood, especially if it's yours."
  • "Wanna bet?"
  • "My turn to play doctor!"

Fear Effect Sedna

  • "Fuck. That. Shit."
  • "I've orphaned lots of children. That plea falls on deaf ears."
  • "Shut the fuck up! This has nothing to do with you!"
  • "DIE, BITCH!"


Hana and Rain who begin a same-sex relationship by Sedna.

  • Although some sources say she was born in the Hong King Province, the first game's website mentioned she was born in the Shan Xi province, known in the series to be a gate to Hell. This could relate to her special powers and ties to Jin.
  • According to her profile in Fear Effect 2, her blood type is O positive.
  • Hana has been praised by various outlets for being a very atypical video game protagonist in many ways, especially for a 2000/2001 protagonist, especially compared to many other protagonists at the time. Examples of her uniqueness (for the time): she is very profane, using language like "shit" and "bitch" frequently. There is a lot of upfront flirtation between her and Rain, when LGBT characters in games were often background characters or their relationship is portrayed as subtle. She is also mixed ethnicity.
    • Despite this, Hana is also considered obscure, never having the fame or staying power other PlayStation 1 female protagonists such as Lara Croft and Jill Valentine had. Because of this, some Fear Effect fans view Hana as underrated.
  • According to the Kickstarter of Sedna, Sedna is set four years after the events of the original, making her 28 in Sedna. However, the Kickstater also claims Hana turned 30 in Sedna, creating a 2-year discrepancy gap. Because of the goof, players must accept the discrepancy because Hana was still clearly intended to be 30 in Sedna.
  • In her profile in the opening of Fear Effect 2, it says Hana was born in Hong Kong. However, in Sedna, she claims she was born in Paris, France.
  • Official sources for the game can't simply agree on Hana's height:
    • 5'7" (FE1 Strategy Guide and the first game's website when it existed)
    • 5'9" (175cm) (FE2 Japanese manual)
    • 5'10" (FE2 Strategy Guide)
    • 5'11" (180 cm) (FE2 Spanish manual)
    • In a promo pic for Sedna, it is mentioned she is 5'10" (178cm) and 120 lbs (54.4kg).[1] This comes from an old version of this article which was referencing the FE2 strategy guide, which contradicts other sources.
  • The FE2 Strategy Guide claims she is 20 in 2. It seems safe to assume this is an error considering both the Spanish/Japanese manuals say 22. The guide also claims Rain is believed to be 18 instead of 21, which seems quite suspect.


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