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Jacob Decourt
Deke infobox.jpg
Biographical Information
Sex Male
Birth ?/?/2016
Age 32 (Fear Effect 2)
36 (Fear Effect)
40 (Fear Effect: Sedna)
Hometown Christchurch, New Australia
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 235 lbs. (106.5 kg)
Occupation Professional hit man
Voice Anthony De Longis (Fear Effect)
Lex Lang (Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix)
Michael Osborne (Fear Effect: Sedna)

Jacob "Deke" Decourt is a sadistic, stocky individual with a love for powerful weapons. Not professionally trained, he learned all his skills during the wars that plagued New Australia for years. Deke takes various high paying jobs so he can satisfy his love of violence and pay for his extravagant lifestyle.


"Deke walks a fine line between aggressive and psychotic. A large, stocky man with distinct features, Deke is attractive to women but not a pretty boy. As a professional hit man by trade, he perceives life as a trivial highway to obscurity, paved with the souls of the numerous men and women he's murdered for money or survival. Being a cold-blooded killer by heart, Deke enjoys his work immensely, for it gives him a sense of power and pleasure. Working with Deke is like making a deal with the devil: he's extremely effective, but he leaves a wide wake of carnage and bloodshed along the way. Deke has mostly honed his talents during the many range wars that until recently plagued New Australia. Currently, he is under the employment of a secret conglomerate out of East Asia."
—Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix - Prima's Official Strategy Guide

"Deke can be described as a guy who just doesn't care. He's big, loud, bombastic, and extremely violent. He lacks the finesse that comes with disciplined military training. He became a scrapper and a weapons expert in various disorganized skirmishes in his native land of Australia."
—Fear Effect - Prima's Official Strategy Guide