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Machine Gunner
Machine gunner death.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location River Settlement
Weapons Machine Gun
Attack Speed Fast
Attack Strength High
Durability High

The Machine Gunner is a boss in Fear Effect. He attacks Deke in the train car stationed at the Fishing Village.



The Machine Gunner is part of a group of Chinese MIlitary Soldiers who arrived at the Fishing Village under the guise of securing rations of rice from its grainery - in actuality the military was there to make a foreign weapons shipment. Because of the demons running rampant in the village, the Machine Gunner stayed near the train with the rest of the soldiers.

Fear Effect[]

Machine Gunner shoots at Deke.

The Machine Gunner ambushes Deke in a train car after he is locked inside by one of the soldiers. He wildly sprays bullets at Deke from behind a box of explosives, but he is ultimately killed. The shots that kill the Machine Gunner cause him to flail to the ground with his finger still on the trigger, allowing stray bullets to shoot the lock trapping Deke inside the train car, setting him free.


The Machine Gunner is bald and wears a military tank top. He sprays bullets from his machine gun while ducking and dodging, making him a difficult target to hit when accompanied by his constant gunfire.


Keep rolling to dodge the Machine Gunner's spray of bullets and fire at him during the short pauses when he isn't firing. Do not fire unless the target symbol is visible at the top of the screen, as hitting the box of explosives will cause an instant death for Deke. Deke can hide behind lockers on the right to take cover and peek out the corner while firing. It may take longer to defeat the Machine Gunner this way but it is the safest method of attack.