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Plasma Wrists
Weapon Stats
Ammo Type None
# of Rounds Unlimited
Power Low
Rate of Fire Fast

The Plasma Wrists are a special weapon used by Rain in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix.


Plasma Wrists are the standard issue weapons for Bio-Enforcers working in Wing Chune Tower. Rain is the only character who gets the opportunity to use them when she dons a Bio-Enforcer's disguise. Plasma Wrists come with an unlimited supply of ammunition, but their power is low and they fire in bursts of three, with a half second pause in between bursts.

Best Use[]

The Plasma Wrists should be holstered whenever possible and only used if Rain's identity is discovered. Bio-Enforcers rely heavily on their acrobatic abilities to quickly fire at opponents and dodge counterattacks, so use their strategy and fire the Plasma Wrists with a combination of ducking and evasive rolls.