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RL 480
Weapon Stats
Ammo Type Rocket Shells
# of Rounds 10
Power High
Rate of Fire Slow

The RL 480 is a heavy weapon in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix.


The RL 480 is the most powerful weapon that can be found. This miniature rocket launcher shoots single shells that cause massive damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near the blast. There is not much ammunition to be found for the RL 480, and it will also damage the user if too close to the rocket's impact point.

Best Use[]

The RL 480 should be used in situations where there are a couple enemies or less in the area. It is particularly useful against tougher foes like the Terra Cotta Warrior and Skeleton in the City of Xi'an, but is most useful in boss fights. It is best to fire at opponents that are a fair distance away so as not to get caught in its blast.