Rotoship 6
Enemy Stats
Location Lam Building
Weapons Machine Gun
Attack Speed Fast
Attack Strength High
Durability Low

The Rotoship is a boss in Fear Effect. Its pilot attempts to shoot Glas throughout the Lam Building.



The Rotoship was flown over to the Lam Building by one of Lam's soldiers in order to provide backup in killing the ones attempting to kidnap Wee Ming Lam.

Fear EffectEdit

Rotoship 1

Rotoship ambushes Glas.

As Glas grows impatient with Hana on the Rotoship pad, a Rotoship flies over the pad and fires a rocket at Glas's rotoship. The rotoship blows up and Glas barely climbs a ladder in time to escape the radius of the explosion. The rotoship continues to follow Glas throughout the top of the Lam Building and ambushes him on top of a guard post. Glas run across and jumps off the guard post just before it blows apart from the shots fired and the Rotoship departs. The Rotoship ambushes Glas once again after he jumps from steel pipes onto a roof. With nowhere to run, Glas fires back at the Rotoship and manages to destroy it by shooting hanging banners into both of its engines, which cause its system to fail and blows up the Rotoship.


The Rotoship is built like a cross between a jet and a helicopter, but more maneuverable than either. It has three rocket boosters on its back and navigation lights at its front. It holds turrets at its front that spray multiple bullets at once and has rocket launchers on its wings.


When the Rotoship first appears, have Glas quickly run to the exposed ladder and climb it before the rotoship pad blows apart with him on it. When he reaches the guard post, climb the ladder to the top but don't climb onto the roof. Wait for the Rotoship to appear and fire at the top of the guard post before flying off screen. Just as it does this, pull Glas to the roof and immediately run across it and hurry down the other ladder before Glas gets shot by the reappearing Rotoship.

Rotoship 7

Rotoship battle

Once on the roof where the Rotoship's health meter appears, run all the way to the left and hug its wall behind the banners. When the Rotoship flies behind the banners and the target icon appears, fire away to shoot the banners into the Rotoship's engine. Repeat the process by running all the way to the right and shooting the banners there when the target icon appears in order to have them get sucked into the Rotoship's other engine. This will destroy the Rotoship for good.