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Royce Glas
Glas Sedna pic.jpg
Biographical Information
Sex Male
Birth Around 2018-2022
Age 28 (Fear Effect 2)[1]
34 (Fear Effect)[2]
Late 30s (Fear Effect Sedna)
Hometown Pacifica, California, USA
Height 6'[3]
6'1" (185 cm)[4]
Weight 198lbs (FE1)[6]
188 lbs (85.5kg) (FE2)[7]
209 lbs. (95 kg) (FE2)[8]
Occupation Renegade military officer
Voice Miguel Marcott (Fear Effect)
Anthony Gayle Marcotte (Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix)
Spencer Cannon (Fear Effect Sedna)
"I don't believe this shit! Unprofessional, Hana! You draw on me you better be ready to face the consequences!"

Royce Glas is a recurring playable character in the series who has appeared in all the games. He is an ally of Hana Tsu-Vachel, though sometimes disagrees with her choices. He is friends with Jakob "Deke" Decourt. Glas has a deceased brother named Drew.

Glas is a U.S. military ex-officer that went AWOL due to being disillusioned by the actions of his employers. He now lives by his own rules and takes odd jobs for extra cash. Now wanted by the United States federal government, his life is in constant danger.


"Royce learned his shady crafts in the U.S. military. Covert operations honed his stealth and combat skills, making him one of the most dangerous people in the world. He doesn't take that lightly. Thoughtful and methodical, Royce is as likely to find a quiet solution to a problem as he is a violent one. He doesn't kill without a very good reason."
— Fear Effect - Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Glas is an intelligent, pragmatic and mission-oriented man who believes relying on faith is for weak people. He has been harden by past, rather traumatic, events in his life. Known events including having a military group be killed under his command, as well as in incident where he killed his own brother. Respected by his partners, Glas is rash, stoic and cunning. He's not reckless but not far from it. He adjusts himself quite easily to new situations. Those who underestimated him paid the price with their lives.

Glas, when younger, had very humanitarian values, willing to sacrifice his life for a better world. He is also shown to be kind; one of the Eight Immortals notes that "[his] cold face can not hide the warm heart that still beats beneath." He tries to dismiss it, but she still points out he was kind to her when he did not need to be.

He can be very distrustful however, as he becomes wary of Wee Ming and her motives to the point where he slits her throat, albeit with the hope that doing so would end his and Hana's nightmarish predicament, and to avenge Deke's death as well.

At the start of Fear Effect 2, he is a suicidal alcoholic. After meeting Hana, he begins to develop a purpose working with her, and becomes her ally. He begins to value his life more and begins to see the value in being more selfish, realizing that people need a certain degree of selfishness in order to live healthy lives.


"Glas is ex-military. He is a highly decorated vet of a number of conflicts that are officially denied by the US government. Currently a gun for hire, Glas operates on the edge of the law and will kill in defense of himself or of his mission without hesitation. Although he is driven by his own sense of honor, he also takes on dangerous assignments because he needs the money. Respected by his team, Glas is fearless, stoic and cunning. He is not your classic burnout, but he's close. He can easily adapt to situational changes. Those who have underestimated him usually find themselves resting peacefully under the topsoil."
Fear Effect website description
"Once a highly decorated officer of the U.S. military, Commander Royce Glas belonged to a government organization so secret that even the CIA is not aware of its existence. He is an expert in high-tech weaponry and counterintelligence. After his fallout with the administration, Glas has become a hunted man by the very same government he once so proudly served. Now a renegade with the knowledge of secrets that could topple the balance of powers in the world, Glas operates on the edge of the law and will kill in defense of himself or his mission without hesitation. Numbed by vengeance, Glas now takes on various dangerous assignments for money, as well as the satisfaction of his own sense of justice."
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix - Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Glas' father was in the military, suggesting he influenced his two sons Glas and Drew to be soldiers as well. Glas was taught by his father to obey orders at all costs and that loyalty was the mark of a true officer. Glas' father died on a military mission.

Glas is a decorated veteran who fought in officially non-existent conflicts, according to the US government. Being a gun for hire, his job is usually illegal and he doesn't hesitate to kill to defend himself or to complete his mission. Glas does have a sense of honor but he'd still accept low level missions to make ends meet.

Glas went with his brother Drew on a "one-way" military mission in Eurasia. Glas pressured Drew to come along with him, though apparently did not tell Drew that death was very likely with only a 6 percent of making it out alive. Drew eventually found out how dangerous the mission was and was deeply injured, having lost his arm in some incident in which Royce pulled him out. Drew blamed Glas for him not being transparent about it essentially being a suicide mission and resented Royce for being treated as if he was dispensable.

Drew dies beside Glas.

Later, Glas was once involved in a military mission where he lost a friend named Jake. He was soon betrayed by his brother, Drew, who shot him in the arm. Drew explained that he was a double agent, motivated by money and sick of taking orders from his brother. Drew ordered Glas to give him a blood sample, and in return, Glas would have a "quick" and "painless" death. Glas threw a bomb at Drew, took his gun and shot him. As Drew died, he told Glas to stop trying to save the world and look after himself for once.

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix[]

Glas contemplating suicide in the opening.

Glas is seen in the opening video in a desert shooting bottles while shirtless. He is seen being suicidal, playing Russian roulette with a revolver. Glas survives and he later becomes involved as a courier for a mission in Xi'an. He arrives in a robot mech and finds a woman caught under debris, claiming to have been chased by creatures. She gives Glas a good luck charm before leaving.

Glas crosses paths with Hana and Deke, the other couriers. Unable to find their buyers, Hana and Glas wish to bail on the mission which seems like a setup, although Deke wishes to remain. He shows the others his Marker while Hana shows her DNA sequence and Glas shows a blood sample. Before they can discuss their findings, Deke threatens to kill Hana and Glas. The three are ambushed by zombies and Deke flees after stealing Hana's DNA sequence.

When Hana finds Glas, she has become blackmailed by Deke for Rain's life. Hana explains the situation but Glas claims it's her problem and tries to leave. After they threaten each other, they decide to work together after Hana says please. Hana makes a plan to exchange Glas' sample, but Glas will ambush Deke as he leaves. Hana becomes busy for a while. In the meantime, Glas encounters a woman claiming to be Rain, though unknown to him, it is her twin sister, Mist. Mist steps on Glas' hand, causing him to fall off a cliff. He meets Qin Zheng who tries to kill him, but is saved by Hana. Hana drags a reluctant Glas into completing Qin's trials.

After, Deke explains himself and him, Glas and Hana are on decent terms. They go to the island of Penglai Shan. There, they become entrapped and separated by fog. Glas gets forced into reliving the memories of his past. After, Glas and Hana ascend a tower and meet the Eight Immortals. After completing their challenges, Glas enters a white realm and a woman claiming to be Rain appears. However, Deke appears with another woman resembling Rain and he claims the woman beside him has cured his EINDS. In the canonical ending, Glas lets Rain fight Rachel Kazra. After the day is saved, the group heads home.

Fear Effect[]

Glas as he appears in Fear Effect.

Hana arrives in Hong Kong accompanied by her partners. The three intend to abduct Wee Ming Lam and use her as bargaining chip so her father Mr. Lam will pay them millions in ransom.

When Hana finds Jin is not present, Glas stays behind in the rotoship. After having a smoke, he grows impatient and decides to see what Hana is up to. Glas is attacked by a VTOL jet and forced to flee into Mr. Lam's building. After some explosions, he falls down several floors, defeats a rotoship, and saves Hana when she is about to be killed by Lam. The two are assaulted by a helicopter and more of Lam's henchmen, so Glas shoots the henchmen while Hana shoots the helicopter. Hana manages to take the helicopter and she and Glas escape. The duo make their escape where they meet Deke in front of the hotel they are staying at. While listening to Jin's last message for Hana, the trio are forced off a bridge but are able to swim to a junk.

Glas screams in pain after Mr. Lam slices his arm off

The group spots Wee Ming in a fishing village. Deke and Glas give chase while Hana gets dressed, but all three are separated by the undead villagers. Glas catches up to Wee Ming and reveals he is a mercenary and she is worth 90 million, though she flees. Later, he is able to find a jeep with Wee Ming sitting inside. She agrees to be exchanged for the money, though orders Glas to take her to see Madam Chen. In Chen's brothel, Glas captured by her guards. While trying to escape, Mr. Lam surprises him, cutting off his left arm. At the same time, Deke is murdered while trying to infiltrate the brothel from upstairs.

Glas in Hell.

The one-armed Glas reawakens in a meat locker, surprised to find that he is still alive. He surmises that Mr. Lam must be planning a slow death for him, before Wee Ming arrives and tries her best to aid him, but he falls unconscious. After Wee Ming and Hana have been in Hell for a while, Glas awakens and follows them. Glas encounters the reanimated corpse of Deke, who is being tortured for the many murders he has committed. Deke takes on a grotesque demonic form and attacks Glas. After he is victorious, Glas promises to avenge Deke. Glas slits Wee Ming's throat and tries to convince Hana that Wee Ming must die, but Hana is not convinced and runs off to find her.

Later, Hana and Glas have a tense stand-off. If the player sides with Glas and his distrust of Wee Ming, this lets the player achieve the non-canonical endings. Glas sorrowfully kills Hana and fights the Demon Wee Ming. In the canon ending, however, Glas and Hana cooperate and he mysteriously gets his arm back in the ending.

Fear Effect Inferno[]

Note: Due to being a cancelled game, Inferno may not be viewed as canon. While only some story elements were revealed before its cancellation, much of the game's story can be pieced together.

Glas was meant to be playable in the cancelled Fear Effect Inferno, helping Hana on her mission to take out Minkz. While in a helicopter as they begin their mission, he sets it to auto-pilot and warns Hana to be careful, reminding her they're not going up against basic street thugs. After Rain mentions getting into a hot tub with Rain, Glas jokes about them making a bikini stew. Later, after Minkz apparently kills Hana, Glas carries her body. Back in safety, Rain is distraught so Glas comforts her and the two share a kiss.

Fear Effect Sedna[]

After their last mission together, Glas decided to return to the United States, but his guilt grows day by day. He does a few small jobs but tends not to finish anything, and feels increasingly disenfranchised from society. Full of regrets, he has lost his direction and hope. Four years have passed since Glas last spoke to Hana's group.

Then, one night in Denver, he is approached by a stranger while having a drink. The man leaves behind a case with the name "Iluak" on it then flees. Upon seeing the name on the case, Glas flees outside the bar, but the man is gone. Glas opens the case to find an airplane ticket with his name on it. Glas is suddenly swarmed by shadows, and his handgun disappears and is somehow replaced with fish guts. Glas demands the shadows to show themselves.

In Greenland, Hana's group finds Glas in a hotel. Glas claims to be working for someone named Iluak who should be dead. They decide to check out a lead at a weather station called Amethyst where they find evidence such as human remains. Glas gets separated due to an accident. Glas is somehow abducted on the other side of a door, and is taken to a sea carrier where he is handcuffed in a kitchen. Glas manages to free himself and finds Deke and Rain, but Rain gets killed by a monster. Glas and Deke catch up with Hana and Axel Chevalier. Glas holds Iluak at gunpoint, but gets sucked into a portal by him.

Hana and Glas having a stand-off.

Glas finds himself with Atiqtalik. She claims they are in Glas' Hell, explaining his lost arm which has disappeared, and that Iluak is simply a disguise of Sedna, a god of her people. Atiqtalik claims Sedna needs Glas for her own purposes, and implores him to stop the god. When the group confronts Sedna, Sedna implies the bar scene in the opening did not really happen and was just Glas having recurring nightmares. Sedna mentions she wants to take Glas' arm so she can become a powerful god. A zombie-like Rain appears. Hana wishes to believe it's the real Rain, causing a stand-off between Hana and Glas.


Fear Effect

  • "Come on, Hana, hurry it up..."
  • "Don't get in my way, Hana!"

Fear Effect 2

  • "This stinks like a setup! I'm out!"
  • "Okay! Look, I'll find your donkey for you! Anything! Just shut up!"
  • "I'm not going anywhere without my cut, so save the piss for someone who cares."
  • "I can't believe you're buying into this hocus pocus shit! This whole thing's a setup, Hana -- and your little girlfriend is on it!"
  • "Aw, crap! Here we go again. No offense to His Majesty over there, but you not gonna listen to this fortune cookie machine are you, Hana?"
  • "I did once, and I don't intend to ever make that same mistake again! So don't you dare tell me about faith! Faith is for the weak!"
  • "What the hell does that mean? I don't speak Chinese!"
  • "I dunno. We'll probably end up being chased by dragons or some shit like that!"
  • "Alright! I'm in. This job better be worth the trouble, Hana!"


  • His brother calls him Roy.
  • According to the intro of Fear Effect 2, his blood type is AB.
  • According to the intro of Fear Effect 2, Glas is 28, also said in its manual. According to Fear Effect 2, he is 6 years older than Hana who is 22. However, the manual of Fear Effect claims he is 34 while Hana is 24, making this a 10 year gap.
  • In a promo pic for Sedna, it is mentioned he is born in 2020, he is 6'2" (188cm) and 190 lbs (86kg).[1] All of this appears to come from an old version of this article which was referencing the FE2 Strategy Guide, which has errors, except for the "born 2020" which appears to be fanon or incorrect. If one remembers Hana mentioning she is born 2028 in FE2 and her age being listed as 24 in 1, then FE1 must be set 2052 or 2053. Glas' age is confirmed to be 34 in 1. 2052 - 34 = 2018 while 2053 - 34 = 2019, making the 2020 claim highly suspect.
    • Both the FE2 Japanese and English manuals list him an inch shorter at 6'1" (185 cm). However, the two manuals can't agree on his weight during FE2 with a 20 pound difference.
  • The Japanese manual lists his surname as "Grass", meaning this could be his surname in the Japanese version.


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