Fear Effect Wiki
Weapon Stats
Ammo Type Shot Shells
# of Rounds 5
Power High
Rate of Fire Slow

The Shotgun is a weapon in the Fear Effect series.


The shotgun packs a powerful punch and is very difficult for enemies to dodge since it hits an entire area with shot shells. Because of this, the Shotgun gives more leeway when targeting, however it has a slow rate of fire and a particularly tough enemy can quickly recover from a blast and counterattack during reload.

Best Use[]

The Shotgun should be saved for situations where facing enemies that only possess close-range attacks, such as the Demons on Penglai Shan or the Terra Cotta Warriors and Skeletons in the City of Xi'an in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. It can kill almost any enemy in two hits in Fear Effect but its use should be limited due to the scarcity of Shotgun ammo.