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Sonic Boom
Weapon Stats
Ammo Type None
# of Rounds Unlimited
Power High
Rate of Fire Extremely Slow

The Sonic Boom is a special weapon in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix.


The Sonic Boom is one of the best antipersonnel weapons. This high-tech weapon fires a high-frequency sound wave that ravages opponents' bodies. It doesn't use ammunition, and a single shot can eliminate multiple opponents. It only works against organic enemies and is worthless against machines. It also has an extremely slow rate of fire. Firing too early while charging results in a misfire that requires the Sonic Boom to be charged again. It also needs to be recharged after going through a door.

Best Use[]

The Sonic Boom is a good weapon to have when certain that only human opponents are in the area. Keep it charged while exploring and any enemies that are around can be instantly eliminated.