Fear Effect Wiki
Enemy Stats
Location Aqueducts
Weapons Pistols
Attack Speed Slow
Attack Strength Weak
Durability Weak

Students are non-hostile NPCs in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. They work inside the Aqueducts under Wing Chune Tower. Students have been traumatized and will only attack if they are attacked first.


The students are hired to do maintenance in the Aqueducts. Due to the Planner going crazy and murdering many of them, along with Fixers suddenly shooting the Students on site, the Students have been traumatized to the point of cowering in corners and running at the first sign of trouble. They will never attack unless provoked first, at which point they'll take out a pistol and start firing. They can easily be sneaked up on and killed with a single shot. Some will drop valuable ammunition, which can be put to good use against stronger enemies later.


They can be ignored entirely. If the choice is made to kill them, try to get behind one for a one-hit kill. If that's not possible, use Melee while crouching to kill them without using ammo.


  • Killing Students has an effect on the outcome of the game. If no Students are killed, a boss fight can be completely avoided near the end of the game.
    • If no one was killed, Chung Li Chuan greets Hana and tells he has been following her progress for quite some time. Hana wonders if she must fight him, but he declines. He says Hana is one of kindness and compassion, despite her upbringing, and says she may pass.
    • If even one Student has been killed, Chung Li Chuan will appear as one of the Students, asking her, "Remember me, Hana? Or am I just another faceless victim? Those weapons have replaced your soul. Do you miss it? I am Chung Li Chuan, one of the Eight Immortals who guard the Threshold. Come, Hana! How will you fair against someone immune to your vaunted weapons?" After, he says, "You hide your feelings for Rain within a cold heart. Be careful, Hana! She is your source of strength -- strength you shall need for the journey ahead! I commend you. You may pass."