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Terra Cotta Warriors
Enemy Stats
Location Lost Tomb
Weapons Sword and Shield
Attack Speed Slow
Attack Strength Strong
Durability Strong

Terra Cotta Warriors are enemies in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. They guard various sections of the Lost Tomb near Xi'an.


Terra Cotta Warriors are clay statues that were created for Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi so he would have an army of soldiers in the afterlife. They remained as inanimate objects until an evil spell was cast that swept over the Tomb and gave them life. The Terra Cotta Warriors are very slow, but very lethal. Once they lumber toward a target they will beat it to death quickly with its clay sword.


The Warriors are able to absorb a lot of damage so it is best to simply run away from them when possible. If the will arises, or if combat with one is forced, the Shotgun is the best weapon to use - the SS 2000 and ARC Taser are ineffective against them. Each Terra Cotta Warrior is equipped with a Shield, which has to be destroyed first before the Warrior can be shot down.