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Triad Boss
Triad boss 7.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Lam Building
Weapons Assault Rifle
Attack Speed Fast
Attack Strength High
Durability High

The Triad Boss is the first boss in Fear Effect. He is placed in charge of interrogating Jin to find out his business at the Lam Building.



Triad Boss interrogating Jin.

The Triad Boss was sent by Mr. Lam to capture Jin and find out who he was waiting for at his building. He and his goons capture Jin on the Lam Building's Rotoship pad and hold him hostage before the arrival of Hana and Glas, which prompts Hana to look for Jin.

Fear Effect[]

Triad Boss prepares to shoot Jin.

The Triad Boss is first seen interrogating Jin with Mr. Lam's henchmen by Hana on a security monitor. He has a bomb strapped to Jin's chest and repeatedly punches Jin to force him to reveal who his contact is at the Lam building. A short while later, the Triad Boss points his gun to Jin's head and asks once more who he is waiting for. Hana gets their attention and the Triad Boss runs off after ordering his goons to take care of her.

Triad Boss shooting at Hana.

Hana kills the goons and disarms the bomb strapped to Jin. Jin tells her that the key to a flash disc he hid in the building is held by the Triad Boss, who he refers to as "the jerk". Before much more can be said, the Triad Boss bursts into the room and shoots Jin out the window with his assault rifle, which covers Hana in Jin's blood. Hana dodges his shots and he runs off, firing at her again from the other end of a large walkway. She dodges the bullets again and he escapes up an elevator. The Triad Boss runs to a room underneath the neon sign of the Lam Building, where Hana corners him. He attacks Hana with a barrage of bullets but Hana brings him to his end. 


The Triad Boss is bald with a Triad marking tattooed on the back of his head. He is stocky and slow, but his assault rifle makes up for his lack of speed.


Run around the room to try and get behind the Triad Boss and fire at him with Dual Pistols while he is facing away. If he starts to fire at Hana, quickly roll through his bullets and get close to him, constantly rolling toward him as he fires - rolling will prevent any damage from being taken. It only takes a couple good bursts from his assault rifle to drop Hana, so be careful. While he stops to reload, quit rolling and start firing at him again. Repeat the process until he drops dead.