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Zombies main.JPG
Enemy Stats
Location Xi'an
Weapons Nails
Attack Speed Slow-fast
Attack Strength Medium
Durability Infinite

Zombies are enemies found in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix. They roam the city of Xi'an.


Zombies roam the halls of Xi'an to stop tomb raiders from making off with the city's treasures. They attack at close range by dashing across a room and slicing with their razor-sharp nails. They have unlimited durability as they cannot be harmed by weapons, merely pushed back. They only show up in groups and prefer to quickly swarm enemies.


When Zombies are encountered it is best to run away as soon as possible. If cornered or in a room where a task must be completed, spray them with bullets to slow them down and push them back a bit. If items need to be used in the inventory, try and access it while running, as standing still could mean a quick death.